JK microsystems offers a comprehensive line of DOS-based single board computer (SBC), embedded Ethernet solutions ideal for industrial control, information appliance, data acquisition and networking applications. The Product Feature and Compatibility Charts are available for our programmable x86 controllers. Click on the product links in the sections below to view specific product descriptions and technical information.

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DOS Single Board Computers

Flashlite 186

Low cost DOS controller w/ 44 digital I/O, 2 serial ports, console/debug port, 5V or 7-34V DC power.

Flashlite 386 Ex

Intel 386Ex based SBC w/ 2 PC compatible serial ports, 34 I/O lines, 5V or 7-34V DC power

Single Board Computer Systems

Flash TCP

Flashlite 386Ex with Ethernet peripheral board installed, provides 4 serial ports and parallel port

SBCs with Enclosures, Ethernet, and DOS


1RU rackmount unit with 16 Relays, 16 Opto-inputs, 2 Serial ports, LCD and 6 push-buttons powered by the LogicFlex controller 
(which is included)

µFlash TCP-EP

Packages µFlashPlus in rugged aluminum enclosure with base plate


DiskOnChip 2000

DiskOnChip's Provide Megabytes of additional flash file storage capacity for embedded control applications

LCD Display

Alphanumeric 4x20 character backlit and non-backlit LCD display available

Memory Upgrade 512K Static Ram

Memory Upgrade 512K Flash


Console Cable PC 9 pin to SBC

Cable Power Flashlite (2 Ft.)

Cable Bus, 2 boards (40 pin)

Cable Bus 3 boards (40 pin)

Cable Bus 4 boards (40 pin)

Cable Port 13x2p header to DB-25

Cable Null Modem for Flashlite 386Ex

Cable Null Modem for Multi I/O

Cable Multi-I/O Interface to Flashlite 386Ex

Cable (Modem) 5x2 pin header to DB-9M

Cable 8x1 pin header to RJ45 socket (female)

Cable RJ45 to RJ45 Ethernet Patch 3ft

Cable Console 5x2 pin header to DB-9F (6")

Cable DB9M to DB9F

Cable Console (LogicFlex-EPX)

Cable 8x1 pin header to RJ45 Plug (male)

Cable Bus 2 boards side by side (40 pin) 7.5"

Adapter DB-9 to DB-25

AC Adapters

AC Adapter, 5VDC 1A, 110Vin (OmniEP)

AC Adapter, 15VDC @ 2A, 90-264Vin Euro
plug CEE 7/7 to C13 (Thin Client )

AC Adapter, 110-240Vin 12VDC 2.5.A (LogicFlex-EPX)

AC Adapter, 5VDC @ 800mA, 110Vin (LogicFlex, uFlash TCP, picoFlash)

AC Adapter, 12VDC @ 500mA, 110Vin (uFlashTCP, Flashlite 186, 386EX)

AC Adapter, 12VDC @ 800mA, 220Vin (uFlashTCP, Flashlite 186, 386EX)

AC Adapter, 5VDC @ 1A, 110Vin (uFlashTCP)

Transformer 220V to 110V

SBCs with Ethernet and DOS


Extremely cost-effective single board computer w/ Ethernet, 40 MHz processor, 16 digital I/O, 2 serial ports, RTC, 5V DC.


Popular embedded x86 controller w/ 46 digital I/O, 2 PC serial ports, RTC and Xilinx CPLD

µFlash TCP

Compact x86 single board computer w/ (1) RS232 port, (1) RS232/485 and (10) digital I/O lines

Peripheral Boards

pico I/O

Adds 32 digital inputs, 20 digital outputs, 11 channels of 12 bit analog inputs to picoFlash single board computer


Adds 4 A/D, 2 D/A, 8 I/O and 4 relay drivers to µFlashTCP or µFlashPlus single board computers

Ethernet Upgrade

Adds 10base-T Ethernet port to Flashlite 386Ex SBC to make into FlashTCP system


Adds 2 serial ports & parallel port to the LogicFlex single-board computer

4 Serial/Parallel (optional A/D)

Adds 4 serial ports, parallel port and optional 8-channel 12-bit A/D to LogicFlex SBC

Multi I/O

Adds 4-8 A/D, 2-4 D/A, 4-8 Relay drivers, 0-2 UARTs to Flashlite 386Ex or LogicFlex SBCs

Basic A/D & Enhanced A/D

Adds 8-channels of 12-bit A/D in standard (Basic) or specialized (Enhanced) voltage ranges


Converts up to 16 TTL level outputs to 500mA high current drivers

INA 117P Instrumentation Amplifier IC

Development Software

Borland C++ Development Kit

(386Ex products only)


WATTCP Programming Manual

Kit, Shells and Pins

Kit, Shells & pins for pico I/O

Kit, Shells & pins for picoFlash

Kit, Shells & pins for PowerNut

Kit, Shells & pins for Flashlite 186

Kit, Shells & pins for Driver16

Kit, Shells & pins for Multi-I/O 8482

Kit, Shells & pins for LogicFlex

Kit, Shells & pins for Multi-I/O 4240, 4241 

Kit, Shells & pins for µI/O

Kit, Shells & pins for µFlash

Kit, Shells & pins for Flashlite 386

Kit, Shells & pins for OmniFlash


Board Stacking Standoff Kit 6-32 (7/8")

Standoff 4-40 (7/8")

Standoff 6-32 (7/8")
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