* 2 USB Ports
   * Linux Kernel 2.4 installed
   * 200MHz ARM 9 processor
   * 16MB Flash, 32MB RAM
   * 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
   * 16 Digital I/O Lines
   * 5V DC Power
   * 2 Serial Ports
   * Watchdog & Audio In/Out
   * Hardware Clock/Calendar
   * Dimensions 4" x 4"
USB, ethernet, and audio capabilities can now be a part of your design with the OmniFlash. Its small size and powerful operating system make it ideal for the growing complexity of today's applications.

The OmniFlash comes feature packed with 2 serial ports, 16 digital I/O lines, Ethernet, a clock/calendar, and even audio capabilities! Expansion becomess easy for whatever else you may need through the USB interface. To handle all these new features, the OmniFlash comes equipped with a 200Mhz ARM processor, 32 MegaBytes RAM, and 16 MegaBytes Flash. The fastest controller we have to date!

This single-board micro-controller comes preloaded with theLinux operating system and all the utilities you need to start development. Our low-cost development kit contains a bootable development CD, eliminating the hassles of getting a cross compiling environment set up. Additionally the source code for a number of demonstration programs is included on the CD.

Free technical support is available, by support@jkmicro.com or our web-based support forums, to help you get your OmniFlash application running quickly.

See Solutions for applications using our products.

The OmniFlash Development Kit (99-0140) includes an OmniFlash controller, Programming Cable, Connector Kit, 110 VAC Adapter, Setup Guide, Schematic and Bootable CD with GCC C/C++Compiler, sample programs and documentation.

A prototyping kit (99-0068) is also available for convenient development of hardware peripherals.
OmniFlash - $169.00 (Quantity 1)
OmniFlash Development Kit - $199.00 (Quantity 1)