Professional Data Acquisition for the Environmental Monitoring Industry
Omni Engineering Services, Inc.
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Omni Engineering Services, Inc., Inc. is an engineering firm that specializes in the design and development of custom software and hardware for the environmental monitoring industry. Omni Engineering Services, Inc.'s PDAWARE (Professional Data Acquisition Hardware and Software) System is an integrated solution designed to gather geographically remote data. The data is available to clients via private networks, web pages and other options. The system consists of user-specified sensors, Remote Terminal Units (RTU's), a Master PC, and PDAWARE Applications Software.

Omni Engineering Services, Inc. uses JK microsystems' Flashlite-V25 controller in every RTU manufactured. We connect with our RTUs using radios and fiber optics and then we communicate with the V25 board to change settings and collect data. We offer data synchronization and Profile Testing - which are two industry unique features.

The RTUs are designed for long-term environmental monitoring projects under sometimes-harsh environments. Some clean up efforts are expected to last in excess of 20 years. While we haven't been running any V25 boards for that long we have been using them for almost two years and we have not had any failures. Several of these boards have survived Minnesota winters. (The V25 board is inside a NEMA 4 enclosure.)

We have been monitoring two test sites using the V25 based RTUs for over one year. The consistency of the entire system has allowed us to move forward and a substantial marketing effort is now going into effect. We hope that 
JK microsystems continues to grow with us.

Scott Carlson
Omni Engineering Services, Inc.
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