Embednet, Inc.is a leading provider for the IrDA-Data protocol software, that now offers a turnkey IrDA-Data protocol evaluation and development system based on the Flashlite 386Ex embedded single board computer.

The Flashlite 386Ex based platform and development kit is ideal for IrDA software evaluation. Developers can verify IrDA protocol execution for any IrDA protocol against enabled target devices or third party enabled devices. The IrDA development system will work with any WINDOWS or DOS based PC and includes the Flashlite 386Ex SBC, hardware, software and utilities to build and upload DOS executable programs to the controller.

With the complete kit available from Embednet, you can easily develop, compile, execute, and debug IrDA based applications that are written in ANSI C or C++ using the included compiler. Additionally, since IrPro is CPU independent, you can use this environment to develop or evaluate your IrDA application before your target CPU hardware is ready.

"I was pleased to see IrPro integrate and operate on the 386Ex system without any issues. This integration will provide a time saving and cost effect means for anyone wanting to evaluate or develop IrDA-Data protocol enabled applications," stated Bob Gastineau, President of Embednet.

For more information about IrPro® or IrDA software, please visit EMBEDnet's website at www.embednet.com.
Flashlite 386Ex Platform for IrDA Evaluation
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