*  DOS & Web Server
    * TCP/IP & Flash File System
    * 40MHz 186 compatible processor
    * 512K Flash, 512K RAM
    * 10Base-T Ethernet
    * 16 Digital I/O Lines
    * 5V DC Power
    * 2 Serial Ports,
      1 - RS232 (3-wire),
      1 - RS232/RS232 TTL/RS485
    * Console/Debug Port (RS232)
    * Watchdog & (2) 16-bit Timers
    * Hardware Clock/Calendar
    * Dimensions 3.75" x 2.50"
    * Socket to accept M-Systems DiskOnChip

Adding control and TCP/IP connectivity to your product has become cheaper and easier than ever before with our new picoFlash embedded single board computer with Ethernet. Its small size and extremely aggressive pricing make it a perfect fit for your cost and space-sensitive applications.

On a form factor slightly larger than a credit card, we've implemented a 40MHz x86 DOS computer. The system features ½ megabyte each of RAM and Flash memory, two serial ports, battery-backed clock calendar, 10Base-T Ethernet and a socket for optional M-Systems DiskOnChip products. Also included on the board are 16 bits of digital I/O, a watchdog timer, RS-485 and TTL serial port I/O, and LCD and keypad drivers.

The picoFlash single-board controller comes with preloaded DOS operating system and all the utilities you need to start development. Our low-cost development kit contains a full copy of Borland C/C++, the WatTCP TCP/IP stack, and the source code for a number of TCP/IP clients and servers including HTTP, TFTP, FTP, Telnet and PPP.

The pico-I/O expansion board stacks on top of the picoFlash adding 32 digital inputs, 20 digital outputs, and 11 channels of 12 bit analog inputs without the need for extra cabling. A standard 9-pin ribbon cable can be used on the pico-I/O to provide access to the picoFlash Serial Debug Port. To facilitate your application development, a library of C and Quickbasic functions is supplied.

Free technical support is available, by support@jkmicro.com or our web-based support forums, to help you get your picoFlash application running quickly.

See Solutions for applications using our products.

The picoFlash Development Kit (99-0120) includes a picoFlash controller, Programming Cable, Connector Kit, Ethernet Cables, 110 VAC Adapter, Setup Guide, Schematic and CD with Borland C/C++ V4.52 Compiler, utilities, sample programs and documentation. Only $147!

Included in the development kit is a character LCD driver, TCP/IP stack and web server (including source code), and PPP software that can be compiled with the Borland C/C++ package. A prototyping kit (99-0068) is also available for convenient development of hardware peripherals.
picoFlash - $117.00 (Quantity 1)
picoFlash Development Kit - $147.00 (Quantity 1)
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