•     Designed to support embedded applications using Intel 386Ex           (or higher) compatible processors.
  •     Compatible with popular compilers and debuggers (Borland C           and Debugger, SoftIce)
  •     Small memory footprint
  •     Inter-thread messaging, semaphores, etc.
  •     High speed, interrupt driven serial port routines
  •     TCP/IP stack
  •     Server functions: FTP, HTTP, SMTP, TELNET, TFTP, SNMP
  •     Client functions: SMTP, SYSLOG, NetworkTime, HTTP, TFTP,           SNMP Traps
  •     Fast, general purpose mathematics library called eMath

The eRTOS package www.ertos.com by Erick Engelke provides multi-tasking support for JK microsystems 386Ex based single board computers based on the Intel 386Ex microprocessor.

Please note that eRTOS is NOT compatible with 186 based products such as the picoFlash or Flashlite 186 controllers.

eRTOS includes powerful networking functions and libraries that are included in programs to allow thread creation, thread priorities, thread delays, inter-thread messaging (messages, queues), critical sections, and interrupt-time services. Server support for FTP, HTTP (web) and SMTP (e-mail) as well as client support for SMTP, SYSLOG, and Network Time along with extensive example code help to eliminate the learning curve frequently associated with networking applications. Functions for creating simple graphics ideal for web display of data round out this comprehensive package that can greatly reduce software development cycles.

The eMath library adds mathematical capabilities to embedded systems, including rudimentary arithmetic, trigonometric and power (exponents/logarithmic) functions. eMath functions are faster than generic floating point libraries, fully re-entrant and supported in the multi-threaded environment.

eRTOS is open source software, but the compiled libraries, complete source code, extensive example code (including e-mail controls, web servers with CGI and real-time graphics, and serial to IP conversion) and programming manual in digital format (.pdf file) is available on CD (98-0003) from JK microsystems.

Also bundled with eRTOS is the Borland C/C++ v4.52 compiler, providing a complete software development package.

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eRTOS multi-tasking library and TCP/IP toolkit
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