Connectors and Jumpers:

JP1Enable/disable for reverse polarity protection
JP3Downstream Configuration Jumpers
J1   Power Input Connector
J2   Power Output Connector location


Processor  Low-power PIC, 32768 Hz

Supply Voltage 5-30 VDC if not using the on-board 5 volt switching                                   regulator
    7-30 otherwise

Current Consumption     Downstream shutoff: 180µA max (58 to  
no load attached             100µA typical)

Downstream active, on-board 5V disabled, Vin=5V, 3.3mA
Downstream active, on-board 5V disabled, Vin=30V, 7.5mA
Downstream active, on-board 5V active, Vin=7V, 11mA
Downstream active, on-board 5V active, Vin=30V, 15mA

Operating Temperature  -20 to +85 °C

Humidity     5 - 90% non-condensing

Physical dimensions 2" x 3" x 0.6"                          (50.80mm x 76.20mm x 1.58mm)

Mating Connectors

Connector Mfg MFG P/N JK micro P/N
J3 (1x6)    Molex 22-01-3067
                  Oupiin 4071-6H 28-0085
Pins (for 1x6)   Molex 08-50-0114
                  Oupiin 4071-PIN-T 28-0013
Shell (2x5) Molex 22-55-2101
                  Oupiin 4072-2X05H 28-0030
Shell (2x13)     Molex 22-55-2261
  Oupiin 4072-2X013H 28-0031
Pins (for 2x5,2x13) Molex 16-02-0096
   Oupiin 4072-PIN-T 28-0033
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