J1Processor Bus
J3Multi-I/O Bus(General I/O)
J5IO Ports C and D
J6IO Ports A and B
J7IO Port E
J9       COM1
J10     COM2(Console)
J11     RS-485
JP1    Socket Memory Type & Boot Memory Location


ProcessorIntel 386Ex, 25MHz

Operating System XDOS(MS/PC DOS 3.3 compatible)

Memory  512K SRAM, 512K Flash

Ethernet 10BASE-T, NE2000 compatible
 Link status and Activity LEDs

Serial Port 1 RS-232 with 5 handshake lines
COM1, address 0x3F8, IRQ 4
115200 baud maximum

Serial Port 2 RS-232 no handshaking or
RS-485 half duplex,
COM2, address 0x2F8, IRQ 3
115200 baud maximum

Digital I/O     46 Bits: P1.4-P1.7 & P3.3-P3.4,
Pin configurable as input or output
P3.3 & P3.4 configurable as interrupts
8mA source/sink. State change interrupt
configurable as input or output, 4mA
source/sink. State change interrupt
capability on Ports A & B.

Watchdog    Programmable Timeout,
Generates Hardware Reset

Sync. Serial Full duplex
Independent Rx and Tx clocks,
Master or Slave operating mode

Supply Power     5V DC ±5%, 2 Watts(nominal)

Humidity       5 - 90%, non-condensing

Temperature     -20 to +85 °C

Weight 2.6oz (73.7 gm)

Dimensions       4.20" x 3.60" x 0.65"
    (106.7mm x 91.4mm x16.5mm)

I/O Port DC Characteristics for Ports 1, 3

Symbol Parameter MIN MAX Units Condition
VIL Input Low -0.3 0.8   V
VIH       Input High  2.0 Vcc+0.3   V
VOL     Output Low       0.45         V      IOL= 8mA
VOH    Output High       Vcc-0.5                   V      IOH= -8mA

I/O Port DC Characteristics for Ports A, B, C, D, E

Symbol Parameter MIN MAX Units Condition
VIL Input Low  0     0.8   V
VIH       Input High 2.0  5.5   V
VOL             Output Low        0.4   V IOL= 8mA
VOH    Output High       2.4     V IOH= -4mA

Mating Connectors

Connectors Mfg MFG P/N JK micro P/N
J3,J9,J10,J12 (2x5)  Molex     22-55-2101
     Oupiin    4072-2X05H    28-0030
J5,J6 (2x13)      Molex     22-55-2261
     Oupiin    4072-2X013H  28-0031
J7 (1x14)    Molex     50-57-9014
     Oupiin    4072-1X14H    28-0061
Pins (for 2x5,2x13,1x14)  Molex     16-02-0096
     Oupiin    4072-PIN-T      28-0033
J2,J11 (1x3)      Molex     22-01-2031
     Oupiin    4071-3H  28-0012
J8 (1x8)      Molex     22-01-2081
     Oupiin    4071-08H 28-0037
Pins (for 1x3,1x8)     Molex     08-50-0114
     Oupiin    4071-PIN-T      28-0013

Optional Features

M-Systems DiskOnChip, 512K SRAM, or 512K Flash
Peripheral boards for I/O expansion
Character LCD & Matrix keypad

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