*   TCP/IP, DOS & Flash File System
* 386 EX, 25MHz / 512K Flash, 512K SRAM
* 10BASE-T Ethernet (NE2000 Compatible)
* 16 SPDT Relays, 125 VAC/500mA Contacts
* 16 Optically Isolated Inputs
* Two PC Compatible Serial Ports
   1-RS232, 5 wire (Tx, Rx, RTS, CTS, GND)
   1-RS232 (3 wire)/RS485, Software Selectable
* 32 Pin Dip Socket to accept 512K Flash,
   512K SRAM or M-Systems DiskOnChip
*   1RU Rack Mount Enclosure
* 1.75" High, 4.63" Deep
* 7 to 34 VDC (3 Watts nominal)
* Watchdog Timer & Hardware Clock/Calendar
* Backlit 2x16 LCD and 6 Key User Interface
* Optional 8 Channel, 12-bit A/D
* Expansion port for use with Multi-I/O peripheral         boards

The LogicFlex-EPX is a packaged control system built around the LogicFlex, JK microsystems' popular embedded x86 single board computer.

Packaged in a slim 1RU rack mount enclosure, the LogicFlex-EPX uses 2-part detachable screw terminals to easily integrate existing equipment without costly interface boards, eliminating the wiring problems commonly associated with board level product integration.

Standard I/O features incorporate 16 optically-isolated inputs, 16 relay outputs, 2 serial ports, and onboard Ethernet, which connects directly to 10BASE-T networks via RJ45. A back lit LCD, 6 push buttons, flexible storage options, expansion bus for peripheral boards, and optional 8-channel A/D, all add versatility to the LogicFlex-EPX control system. The powerful 386Ex microprocessor, preinstalled TCP/IP and Web server software, NE2000 compatible Ethernet, and DOS operating system allow design and debugging in a familiar environment. The serial ports, counter/timers, and interrupt controller are fully compatible with the IBM PC at both the hardware and software levels. Additional features include a watchdog timer, RS485 serial port capability, hardware clock/calendar and high-efficiency switching input voltage regulator.

Combined with JK microsystems aggressive pricing and customer support, the LogicFlex-EPX is a superb choice for many industrial control, web server and networking designs.

The LogicFlex-EPX Development Kit (99-0055) includes a LogicFlex-EPX (with preinstalled LogicFlex single board controller), Programming Cable, Connector Kit, Ethernet Cable, 110 VAC Adapter, Setup guide, Schematics and CD with Borland C/C++ V4.52 Compiler, utilities, sample programs and documentation. (220Vin Development Kit 99-0056)

Also included are sample programs, TCP/IP stack and webserver (including source code), and PPP software that can be compiled with the Borland C/C++ package.
$539.00 - Quantity 1
MicroCommander lets you develop, monitor, and control your system over the Internet without writing any source code.
LogicFlex-EPX (89-0055)
LogicFlex-EPX, 16MB DiskonChip, & A/D upgrade (89-0056)
$599.00 - Quantity 1
LogicFlex-EPX Development Kit (99-0055)
LogicFlex-EPX Development Kit 220V Option (99-0056)
Kit A/D Upgrade for LogicFlex-EPX (99-0057)
$39.00 - Quantity 1
$569.00 - Quantity 1
$569.00 - Quantity 1
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