*  DOS with Flash File System
    *  386 EX, 25MHz
    *  512K Flash, 512K RAM
    *  32 Pin Dip Socket to accept 512K SRAM,               512K Flash, or M-Systems DiskOnChip
    *  2 Enhanced DMA Channels
    *  PC Compatible Serial Ports, 1 - RS232,
       1 - RS232 or RS485, Software Selectable
    *  3 PC Compatible Counter/Timer                             Channels
    *  34 Digital I/O Lines
    *  Watchdog Timer & Hardware                          Clock/Calendar
    *  5V DC or 7-34V DC power input
    *  Dimensions 4.2" x 3.6"

The Flashlite 386Ex single board controller is based on the Intel 386Ex microprocessor chip. The 386Ex is a high-performance, 32-bit, single-chip microcomputer that is capable of protected-mode operation and includes an extensive array of integrated peripherals.

The Flashlite 386Ex single-board computer, like all members of the JK microsystems family of controllers, comes pre-loaded with DOS and utilities so that you can begin development right away. By connecting one of the Flashlite 386Ex serial ports to your PC and running a telecommunications program, you can immediately upload and execute programs compiled for a PC.

The serial ports, counter/timers, interrupt controller, and speaker port on the Flashlight 386Ex are fully compatible with the IBM PC at both the hardware and software levels. Additional features such as the RS-485 serial port capability, battery-backed RAM and clock/calendar make the Flashlite 386Ex SBC ideal for embedded controller applications.

Peripheral boards are also available to add serial ports, A/D, D/A, high current drivers, relays and isolated I/O for many data acquisition and control applications.

See Proven Solutions for applications using our products.

The Flashlite 386Ex Development Kit (99-0012) includes Flashlite 386Ex single board computer, Programming Cable, Connector Kit, 110Vin AC Adapter, Setup Guide, Schematic and CD with Borland C/C++ V4.52 Compiler, utilities, sample programs, PPP software and documentation. (220Vin Development Kit 99-0013 available.)
Flashlite 386Ex - $198.00 (Quantity 1)
Flashlite 386Ex Development Kit - $244.00 (Quantity 1)
Flashlite 386Ex 220V Option Dev. Kit - $249.00 (Quantity 1)
Flashlite 386Ex
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