*   TCP/IP & DOS Flash File System
    * 386 EX, 25MHz/512K Flash, 512K RAM
    * 32 Pin Dip Socket to accept 512K SRAM, 512K            Flash, or M-Systems DiskOnChip
    * 10BASE-T Ethernet (NE2000 Compatible)
    * 34 Digital I/O Lines
    * PC Compatible Serial Ports, 3 - RS232,
      1 - RS232 or RS485, Software Selectable
    * PC Compatible Printer Port
    * Watchdog Timer & Hardware Clock/Calendar
    * High-Efficiency Voltage Regulator
    * Compact 2 board stack 4.2" x 3.6" x 2.0"

The FlashTCP single board computer system allows access to real-time process data, HTML documents and images from a browser on a TCP/IP LAN or the Internet. The FlashTCP embedded system is the combination of our Flashlite 386Ex single-board computer and a preinstalled Ethernet/Serial/Parallel peripheral board. This system is an ideal platform for embedded designs requiring multiple serial ports and network connectivity for bridging existing equipment to the Web.

The FlashTCP single-board controller system is an x86 based design with 512K RAM and 512K flash memory, 4 PC compatible RS-232 serial ports, one parallel port, and 10BASE-T Ethernet. The FlashTCP SBC system comes with DOS, TCP/IP stack, and HTTP server software pre-installed so that developers can get the system up and running in minutes.

Users can harness the power of the Web browser to display the status of networks, monitor and control remote systems, access RS-232 data, and more. HTML documents combined with scripts or applets handle complex display/interface tasks allowing engineers to focus on the embedded design, not on the GUI.

The powerful Intel 386Ex microprocessor, standard 10BASE-T Ethernet, and DOS operating system allow design and debugging in a familiar environment. PC compatible serial and parallel ports and plenty of bit I/O make interfacing to existing devices a snap. Source code for the TCP/IP stack, web server and sample programs are included within the development kits and can be compiled with our Borland C++ package.

Peripheral boards are available to add 12-bit A/D channels, D/A channels, high current drivers, relays and optically isolated inputs for data acquisition and embedded control applications.

FlashTCP Development Kit (99-0016) includes a FlashTCP controller, Programming Cable, Bus Cables, Ethernet cable, standoffs, 110V AC adapter, Setup Guide, Schematic and CD with Borland C++V4.52 Compiler, utilities, sample programs and documentation.(220Vin Development Kit 99-0017 available.)
Flash TCP - $327.00 (Quantity 1)
Flash TCP Development Kit - $357.00 (Quantity 1)
Flash TCP 220Vin Dev. Kit - $357.00 (Quantity 1)
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