*  Ethernet 
   IEEE 802.3 Ethernet
  10 MB/sec 10BASE-T
  RJ-45 Connector
  16 bit interface
  Full duplex operation
  Automatic polarity detection/correction
  Packet driver included
  NE2000 Compatible
Serial Ports
  COM3 - wired as DTE
  COM4 - wired as DCE
  RS-232 signal levels
  16C550 High Speed UART
  16 Byte FIFO for each port
  Configurable Interrupts
  115kB maximum speed
Parallel port
  DOS compatible as LPT1 

For Flashlite 386Ex single board computer users requiring local area network connectivity, the Ethernet/Serial/Parallel peripheral board can add Ethernet as well as additional serial ports.

This peripheral board combines a highly integrated, full function, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet controller with 16C550 high speed UARTs (with FIFO) and bi-directional parallel port. The Ethernet port is a 16 bit design that supports a direct connection to 10BASE-T networks, jumperless configuration and internal receive and transmit frame buffers to reduce CPU overhead and maximize throughput. The 2 PC compatible serial ports and the parallel port provide additional I/O necessary for many demanding applications. These features quickly make the Flashlite 386Ex single board controller a versatile platform for networking, embedded control, web server and serial protocol conversion applications.

Ethernet Upgrade Serial/Parallel Kit (99-0019) Convert your Flashlite 386Ex into our FlashTCP. This upgrade kit for Flashlite 386Ex SBC packages the Ethernet/Serial/Parallel peripheral board, interface cables, standoff kit, users manual and schematic.

For users needing to add serial or parallel ports without Ethernet to a Flashlite 386Ex embedded SBC, see our Serial/Parallel peripheral board page.
Ethernet Upgrade Serial/Parallel Kit - $129.00 (Quantity 1)
Ethernet Upgrade - $119.00 (Quantity 1)
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