picoFlash Downloads
The files listed below are suitable for use with all JK microsystems products.
   is the ethernet packet driver for the picoFlash. Source code is included.
                            is a BIOS update for the PicoFlash board to version 1.04. The update resolves issues with TCP/IP connections hanging after a soft reboot and Port A output states being cleared during file reads
                        is a driver for one or two LCD's connected to the picoFlash's J2 port. The driver supports standard alpha-numeric LCD displays using the Hitachi HD44780A controller chip. Data sent to LPT1 or 2 is re-directed to the LCD displays. Documentation and source code is included along with a demo applications.
                      contains the drivers, source code, and example files for the picoIO peripheral board.
                                 is a general purpose matrix keypad driver for the picoFlash. It supports matrix keypads from 1x1 to 4x4. Source code is included and documentation is supplied in Adobe Acrobat format.
                         is user supplied code for multiple threads on the picoflash. Many thanks to Herb Rose for this well documented and useful code. Questions may be directed to Herb Rose, contact info included in the zip. Now updated with 1ms timer option and an additional file.
                         is an updated version of FORMAT.COM for the Picoflash. The existing FORMAT.COM on the Picoflash should not be used because of a bug that sets the console to serial port 0 at 300 baud after a drive B format. This version 5.00 of FORMAT.COM preserves the console and baud rate settings across a format operation.
                          has 2 example interrupt drivers for Timer1. One interrupt driver is written in C and can be incorporated into your C program. The other is an assembly language TSR. Source code and binary executables are included.
                            is beta test version of BIOS 1.05 for the Picoflash. This version corrects a problem with Int16 function 1 and changes DRAM wait states from 1 to zero. A detailed change log is included
The files listed below are suitable for use with JK microsystems picoFlash.