LogicFlex Downloads
The files listed below are suitable for use with JK microsystems LogicFlex.
  is a driver for one or two LCD's connected to the LogicFlex's J7 port. The driver supports standard alpha-numeric LCD displays using the Hitachi HD44780A controller chip. Data sent to LPT1 or 2 is re-directed to the LCD displays. Documentation and source code is included along with a demo application in Quickbasic.
                       contains multi-I/O driver version 2.0.
                              is a general purpose matrix keypad driver for the LogicFlex. It supports matrix keypads from 1x1 to 8x8. Source code is included and documentation is supplied in Adobe Acrobat format.
                            has source and executable files of a download utility program supporting X-MODEM protocol.
                               contains the necessary files and documentation to setup Borland's TDRemote on the LogicFlex (requires Borland C++ 4.52).
                               has source and executable files demonstrating the use of the 386Ex watchdog timer (C and ASM). This code works with the µFlashTCP and LogicFlex controllers.