General Downloads
The files listed below are suitable for use with all JK microsystems products. 
contains all the CSPD accessory code you could want. Including examples for use on the Flashlite186, a C interface library and the ability to make virtual TCP/IP based CSPD serial ports.
is a fast, efficient serial port driver for our Flashlite386Ex, LogicFlex, uFlashTCP, and Ether6 based SBCs. For the original (application compatible) CSPD see CSPD186, for examples, helpers and libraries download
contains simple example code for Microsoft Windows. WinCOM is a small example of how to access any MS Windows serial port. WinTCP shows how to use Winsock2 to create, manage and use a TCP/IP socket. This package is perfect for interfacing JK microsystems SBCs with PCs running MS Windows.
contains the MicroBASIC interpreter, a simple text editor, and a BASIC blackjack game (BJ.BAS).
has source and executable files of an improved upload utility program supporting X-MODEM protocol.
is a shareware telecommunication program that works well as a Flashlite host.
is a Forth 83 interpreter implemented by Flashlite user Ken Merk. This is not a product supported by JK microsystems, although comments are welcome and will be passed on to Ken.
is an example program demonstrating the use of the RS485 capability on 386Ex based products. This will only work on the Flashlite 386Ex, µFlashTCP, and LogicFlex.
is an example program demonstrating the use of DMA channel 0 to handle receiving COM1 serial data. This will only work on the Flashlite 386Ex, µFlashTCP, and LogicFlex.
is a program to directly control the RTS and CTS pins of serial port 0. This will only work for the 186 based products
is a set of files that allow you to perform the following tasks on a DiskOnChip: Low-level formatting and firmware loading, high-level partitioning and formatting, and making the DiskOnChip bootable.
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