Flashlite 186 Downloads
The files listed below are suitable for use with JK microsystems Flashlite 186
                          is a TSR kludge to allow certain programs written in BASIC to run correctly on the Flashlite186. If your BASIC programs will not run correctly please try using this TSR. This kludge will be integrated into the Flashlite186 BIOS at the next revision.
                  contains drivers for doing 16-bit port I/O with Quickbasic and Powerbasic. Many of the processor peripheral registers must be accessed with 16-bit I/O which Quickbasic does not natively support. Included is a Quickbasic sample program that blinks the onboard LED.
              contains an assembly language TSR program that implements a frequency counter along with QuickBasic and Borland C user interfaces.
                          is a driver for one or two LCD's connected to the Flashlite's J7 port. The driver supports standard alpha-numeric LCD displays using the Hitachi HD44780A controller chip. Data sent to LPT1 or 2 is re-directed to the LCD displays. Documentation and source code is included along with a demo applications.
                          is a general purpose matrix keypad driver for the Flashlite 186. It supports matrix keypads from 1x1 to 8x8. Source code is included and documentation is supplied in Adobe Acrobat format.
                                   implements an LCD display of GPS data. An Ashtech OEM receiver is used, connected to the TTL connector on Serial Port 0. (See the CSPD186 download below for the required driver)
                             is an example program demonstrating the use of DMA channel 0 to handle receiving COM1 serial data. This will only work on the Flashlite 386Ex, µFlashTCP, and LogicFlex.
(12K) Timer1 can be used to generate square waves and repetitive pulses with a frequency range of 9.09 Hz to 4.167 Mhz. This note will explain how to configure the timer to produce these signals.
(7K) The processor on the Flashlite186 has a watchdog timer that can be enabled and then periodically reset to provide an automatic reset function.
                        contains the drivers and test programs for using the 8 channel A/D peripheral boards with the Flashlite 186 controller. Also included is the clock/calendar driver for the A/D peripheral boards equipped with the clock/calendar option. Both source code and executables are included.
                           is the serial port driver for the Flashlite186. It supports Serial Ports 0 and 1 at baud rates up to 115.2kbaud, with support for hard/soft handshaking (and RS-485 on Serial 0). A program to redirect the console to any port (or make it silent) is included. For examples, helpers and libraries get CSPDAcc.zip
                                                   contains an application note and 3 sample programs showing how a Quickbasic program can talk to the serial ports on a Flashlite186 using CPSD. Also covered is a technique for calling arbitrary software interrupts from Quickbasic.
                          contains the files to reformat a DiskOnChip for use on the Flashlite 186. Follow the instructions in the readme.txt.
                            has 2 example interrupt drivers for Timer1. One interrupt driver is written in C and can be incorporated into your C program. The other is an assembly language TSR. Source code and binary executables are included.
                           Is a BIOS update for the Flashlite186 board to version 2.03. The update resolves issues with PowerBasic console I/O and Port A output states being cleared during file reads
                           Is a customer-supplied driver and documentation for the Flashlite 186 that provides a software and hardware interface to a PS/2 keyboard.
                              Is a very nice Forth environment written for the Flashlite 186 by Ken Merk. Click here to view the readme file.
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