Flashlite 386Ex Downloads
The files listed below are suitable for use with JK microsystems Flashlite 386Ex
                        is a driver for one or two LCD's connected to the Flashlite's J7 port. The driver supports standard alpha-numeric LCD displays using the Hitachi HD44780A controller chip. Data sent to LPT1 or 2 is re-directed to the LCD displays. Documentation and source code is included along with a demo application in Quickbasic.
              contains a driver and test program for the JK microsystems 8 channel, 12 bit analog to digital converter. Both source code and executables are included.
                              is a general purpose matrix keypad driver for the Flashlite. It supports matrix keypads from 1x1 to 8x8. Source code is included and documentation is supplied in Adobe Acrobat format.
                       contains multi-I/O driver version 2.0.
                             has source and executable files of a download utility program supporting X-MODEM protocol.
                               contains the necessary files and documentation to setup Borland's TDRemote on the Flashlite 386Ex (requires Borland C++ 4.52).
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