DataMover Datasheet (353K)

DataMover User's Manual (489K)

GPRS Modem AT Command Set (902K)


OmniEP Datasheet (344K)

OEP User's Manual (435K)

EP9301/9302 User's manual release 2 (4660K)


OmniFlash Datasheet (353K)

OmniFlash User's Manual (489K)

EP9301/9302 User's manual release 2 (4660K)

Installing Ubuntu  (6192K)

Configuring Ubuntu development environment.  (4066K)  

Installing OpenSSL  (7427K)

Mechanical drawing (54K)


picoFlash & pico-I/O Datasheet (279K)

picoFlash User's Manual (251K)

picoFlash Mechanical Drawing (70K)

picoFlash Debug Port Cable (60K)

R8822 User's manual v1.6 (1041K)

Thin Client:

Thin Client-S Datasheet (219K)

Thin Client-T Datasheet (228K)

Thin Client User's Manual (954K)

Thin Client Power Connector Wiring (83K)


LogicFlex-EPX Datasheet (242K)

LogicFlex-EPX User's Manual (47K)

LogicFlex-EPX Mechanical Drawing (234K)


LogicFlex Datasheet (331K)

LogicFlex User's Manual v1.3 (148k)

LogicFlex Mechanical Drawing (183K)


µFlashTCP & µ-I/O Datasheet (372K)

µFlashTCP User's Manual v1.1 (111K)

µFlashTCP Setup Guide (32K)

µFlashTCP Mechanical Drawing (48K)

Realtek 8019 Data Sheet (25K)

µFlashTCP-EP & µFlashPlus:

µFlashTCP-EP & µFlashPlus Datasheet (266K)

µFlashTCP-EP User's Manual v2.0 (80K)

µFlashPlus Mechanical Drawing (145K)

µFlashTCP-EP Declaration of Conformity (120K)


FlashTCP Datasheet (349K)

Flashlite Ethernet/Serial/Parallel Board User's Manual (34K)

TI 16C552 Dual Uart + Parallel Port Data Sheet
(From TI's Web Site)

Flashlite 386Ex:

Flashlite 386Ex Datasheet (517K)

Flashlite 386Ex User's Manual v3.1 (159K)

Flashlite 386Ex Connector Location Drawing (60K)

Intel386(TM) EX Embedded Microprocessor User's Manual (4572K)

Intel386(TM) EX Embedded Microprocessor Data Sheet (766K)

82C55A Programmable Peripheral Interface Data Sheet
(Harris' Web Site)
Flashlite 186

Flashlite 186 Datasheet (310K)

Flashlite 186 User's Manual v1.5a (169K)

Flashlite 186 Mechanical Drawing (190K)

R8822 User's manual v1.6 (1041K)


PowerNut Datasheet (332K)

PowerNut Manual (415K)

Peripheral Boards:

Peripheral Boards Data Sheet (416K)

Other Peripheral Boards and Accessories Data Sheet (196K)

picoFlash & pico-I/O Datasheet (279K)

pico-I/O User's Manual (451K)
   picoIO connector location drawing (66K)

   TI TLV2553 A/D Data Sheet (TI's Web Site)

   TI TLV274 OP-amp Data Sheet (TI's Web Site)

   NRJ NJU3718 Serial-Parallel Converter Data Sheet
    (76K from NJR's Web Site)

µFlashTCP & µ-I/O Datasheet (372K)

µ-I/O User's Manual (24K)

Multi-I/O User's Manual (25K)
   Multi-IO Mechanical Drawing (67K)
   Bur-Brown ADS7841 A/D Converter IC Data Sheet
   (Burr-Brown's Web Site)
   Analog Devices AD5320 D/A Converter IC Data Sheet
   (193K from Analog Devices' Web Site)

    Maxim MAX3100 UART IC Data Sheet
    (399K from Maxim's Web Site)

Ethernet/Serial/Parallel and Serial/Parallel User's Manual (34K)
  Connector location drawing (60K)

Serial/Parallel/AD for LogicFlex User's Manual (48K)

4Serial/Parallel User's Manual (25K)

A/D Converter User's Manual (17K)
  Connector location drawing, Basic A/D (62K)
  Maxim MAX197 A/D Converter IC Data Sheet
  (604K from Maxim's Web Site)
  Bur-Brown INA117 Instrumentation Amplifer Data Sheet
  (Burr-Brown's Web Site)

8 Channel Relay User's Manual (13K)

JK-GPS User's Manual (150K)

Driver16 User's Manual rev D (82K)
   Allegro ULN2803 Data Sheet
   (Allegro Semiconductor's Web Site)


Other Peripheral Boards and Accessories Data Sheet (196K)

LCD 4x20 with No Backlite Pin Out (28K)

LCD 4x20 with Backlite Pin Out (30K)

LCD 4x20 with Backlite Data Sheet (191K)

LCD Dimensioned Drawing in Inches (93K)

Hitachi HD44780U LCD Controller (390K)

Keypad User's Manual (26K)

Keypad Data Sheet (161K)

Measured Dimensions of IEE Keypad (Do not use for Grayhill) (56K)

DiskOnChip (M-System's Web Site)

eRTOS software:

eRTOS Brochure (144K)

eRTOS Projects with Borland C (172K)


ROHS/WEEE Compliance Policy (32K)

Application Notes: (see also downloads)

Configuring HyperTerminal (HTML)

Getting Started with the Borland IDE (PDF, 233K)

WatTCP Quickstart Guide (PDF, 15K)

App Note: Switching Inductive Loads (PDF, 10K)

App Note: Flashlite 186 Timer 1 (PDF, 12K)

App Note: Flashlite 186 Watchdog (PDF, 7K)

App Note: Flash Disk Reliability (PDF, 13K)

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