The M-Systems DiskOnChip 2000 family of products are high-performance, single-chip flash disks available in a wide range of capacities - adding MegaBytes of file storage space for embedded systems. These unique data-storage solutions offer fast, low cost solutions for applications in need of additional Flash memory space. Their patented TrueFFS technology is built-in to provide full read/write disk emulation.

    Brand New - DiskOnChip Versions Available

    * 16MB (MD2202-D16)                  
    * 16MB X-Temp (MD2202-D16-X)   
    * 24MB (MD2200-D24)                  
    * 32MB X-Temp (MD2202-D32-X-P)   
    * 64MB (MD2202-D64)               
    * 96MB (MD2202-D96)               
    * 128MB (MD2202-D128)               

Available in Extended Temperature versions. (X-Temp)

Many JK microsystems x86 single board computers are equipped with onboard 32 Pin DIP sockets available for the installation of a DiskOnChip product. For added convenience, several sizes are stocked and available for purchase with your product order.

Software downloads are also available for use with 
JK microsystems single-board controllers. If you require any assistance, contact our
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32MB X-Temp 
$33.00 - Quantity 1
$33.00 - Quantity 1
$54.00 - Quantity 1
$89.00 - Quantity 1
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Operating temperature range
Standard: (0°C to 70°C) 
Extended temperature range: (-40°C to +85°C)
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