The Basic A/D and Enhanced A/D peripheral boards are available to add 8 channels of analog to digital conversion (12-bit resolution) to several of JK microsystems embedded single board computers.

Based on the Maxim MAX197 chip, the expansion boards feature software-selectable input ranges of +/-10V, +/-5, 0V to 10V, and 0V to 5V. Conversion time is 6us. The basic A/D Converter board has +/-16.5V input protection and unbalanced inputs.

An enhanced version of the A/D peripheral board is also available. The enhanced version can be upgraded on a per channel basis to provided balanced inputs with +/-200V common-mode rejection and +/-500V common-mode and differential protection. Screw terminal input connections allow for +/-15V available for external signal conditioning.

The Burr-Brown INA117P high common-mode voltage difference amplifier (part number 20-0009) is used on each channel of the enhanced A/D converter board to provide the increased common-mode and differential protection. Channels on the enhanced A/D converter board that have not been upgraded are still available for use as unbalanced inputs with +/-16.5V input protection.

8 Channel A/D, Basic (84-0003)
8 Channel A/D, Enhanced (84-0004)

To add a battery backed clock/calendar to the Flashlite 186 single-board controller, we offer both Basic and Enhanced A/D peripheral boards with on-board clocks.

8 Channel A/D, Basic with Clock (84-0006)
8 Channel A/D, Enhanced with Clock (84-0007)

A/D Peripheral Kits (99-000399-000499-000699-0007) include the corresponding A/D peripheral board, 2 board 40 pin bus cable, shell and pins, standoff kit, and users manual. Enhanced version kits can be upgraded by adding an amplifier (20-0009) per channel.
* 8 Analog Input Channels
* 12-bit Resolution, 1/2 LSB linearity
* Software Selectable Input Ranges: ±10V,    ±5V, 0V to 10V, 0V to 5V
* Fault-Protected Input Channels
* 6µs Conversion Time
* Internal 4.096V Reference
* Optional Battery Backed Clock/Calendar    for Flashlite 186 & V25


Basic A/D with Clock (84-0006)
Basic A/D (84-0003)
$59.00 - Quantity 1
$85.00 - Quantity 1
Enhanced A/D (84-0004)
Enhanced A/D with Clock (84-0007)
$118.00 - Quantity 1
$107.00 - Quantity 1
Basic A/D & Enhanced A/D
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